Bonus Points Power-Up
The Bonus Points power-up only appears in Moon (and a very similar drop in Dead Ops Arcade). It can only be obtained by a QED. The effect is random, it gives the player who picks it up (or everyone in the game) a random number of points.


  • It is possible to get up to 50,000 points from Bonus Points.
  • The power-up uses the same icon as a drop in Dead Ops Arcade, except this power-up has a green glow instead of a yellow glow (like the one in Dead Ops Arcade).
    Dead Ops Arcade Z Power Up

    Dead Ops Arcade Drop

  • The power-up is very similar to the Points power up in Black Ops II, in design and effect.
    • Just like the Dead Ops Arcade drop the only diffrence in appearance is the glow which on this power-up is blue.